Top Healthcare Marketing Techniques

Whether you are a new practice, looking to increase your patient base or attract a specific patient type, there are a few key marketing activities that are well worth the investment. 


Blogging makes you more searchable and competitive for your specialty, it’s a great way to  connect with your patient base and become a thought leader within your area of expertise. If you are a dermatologist looking to get more laser treatment patients, a blog post on different laser and light treatments may help you attract eczema, vitiligo, and psoriasis patients. In addition to getting more quality leads, your engaging and informative content will also help you rank higher in search results over time, since posts indexed by Google give your blog more relevancy and domain more authority.  

2. Monthly Newsletter

Email is still very much alive. It’s one of the most direct and effective ways to attract patients and retain them. A monthly newsletter is a great way to communicate special promotions, remind them of their annual checkup, new services available or educate them on specific treatments they may be interested in. An in-office survey may help you further hone your focus and properly target your patients for the highest conversion.

3.Strategic Partnerships

Partnering with local businesses that complements your work is a great way to expand your patient base. Here are some common partnerships:

  • Physical therapist and gym
  • Dermatologist and MedSpa
  • Geriatrician and nursing home
  • Chiropractor and auto accident attorney
  • Nutritionist and trainer

4. Video Content 

Video content is becoming more powerful than ever at educating consumers and humanizing your practice. Google and YouTube are the main search engines people find videos, so make sure to get your videos indexed by Google by marking it up with Video Object, which will help more patients find you. You may even become a YouTube celebrity doctor if you’re not too careful; in other words, don’t underestimate the potential video has to get you noticed. 

There are many other ways you can market your clinic, but these are by far the most effective strategies for continual practice growth that require little to no financial investment, but can make all the difference over the long-term. 

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