Medical Practice Marketing Strategies

Top Healthcare Marketing Techniques Whether you are a new practice, looking to increase your patient base or attract a specific patient type, there are a few key marketing activities that are well worth the investment.  1.Blogging Blogging makes you more searchable and competitive for your specialty, it’s a great way to  connect with your patient […]

Top Healthcare Websites Mistakes

Generally, doctors are meticulous when it comes to how they care for their patients; however, this is not always the case when it comes to their practice website. If you’re a practicing physician, you’re not expected to be a cardiologist and a website designer, although that would be impressive. There are many ways you can […]

How to Migrate a Web Hosting with FTP

I’ve been asked many times how to migrate a website hosting without using any plugins. I have to say that migrating a website is much easier than you would think, and in all honesty, something you can do yourself if you follow the steps below. If you use WordPress and have a relatively small website, […]

Why do Google Virtual Tours?

What is a Google Virtual Tour? This is a virtual immersive experience of your medical practice on Google Maps that allows patients to experience what it’s like to be in your office. Why do a Virtual Tour? Virtual Tours enable more people to find you and give you a chance to show your modern technology […]

Voice Search Optimization Fundamentals

Voice Search Stats According to Uberall, only 4% of businesses in the United States are optimized for voice search after collecting data from over 73,000 registered locations.  Which doctors are the most prepared? Dentists are by far the best prepared for voice search across all business categories, scoring above 96%.  How did they do this? […]

How do I rank in the Google 3-pack?

What is the local pack? The Google 3-pack displays the top three results for local organic results as shown below. It includes the Google Maps location along with Name, Address and Phone details. What is the impact of being in the local pack? This feature appears on 30% of all first page search results giving […]

How do I add my practice to Google Maps?

Step by step instructions for adding your practice location to Google Maps 1.) Sign into the Google email account or create one here: 2.) Google will ask you to verify your account with a code sent via text or email to validate your account 3.) Navigate to this page and choose Storefront as your […]

How should I structure my medical website?

What content should I include on my practice site? It can be overwhelming managing your practice both online and offline, so we’ve provided guidelines on how to best organize content on your medical site for optimal results. 1.) Home Your Homepage is the hook. It’s the first page patients see, so it’s important that your […]